Higher Naze Hog Roasts

Our team attending Malham, Skipton was Steve & Christine.

It was Joes belated birthday party that Sharon and Robert, Joes parents, had arranged for him.

Guests travelled from all over the country to be there. The menu booked for them was our Silver menu. Booked for 80 guests with a serve time of 8pm

It seems we do report about the guests being so nice on almost every blog page but yet again the guests were absolutely lovely. The young lads in attendance had brilliant manners and it was an absolute joy to serve them all.

A nice little email that was sent on the Monday by Sharon read

Hi Christine

I just wanted to thank you for Saturday night – it was superb and we had lots of compliments about the hog roast and your set up.
Joe had a great night and even a power cut later on couldn’t dampen the spirits.
Thanks again.